How do you get to love children, if you don't?

Answer #1

Take few steps back. sit on that branch, watch them all playing, running here and there, singing. Listen to their innocent voice, their honesty, their true feeling. Watch their smiles closely. After few times watching. Now take some steps forward with a colorful ball in your hands. See their reaction. Smiles to them. You can down on your knees and beg for some kisses… Close your eyes and feel them on your skin… HONEST LOVE FEELS LIKE HEAVEN!!!!

Answer #2

Look at them sleep, they look like angels.. Listen to them speak. Kids have a way of saying things to make you feel happy no matter what kind of day you had the office.. Look at them play, they don’t see race or wealth as a determining factor in choosing friends, we adults could learn a lot from them.

Answer #3

You either love children or you dont. I am sure you probably are focused on all the things that annoy you where children are concerned. Guess what? Adults are annoying too. lol. Be open minded and realise that everyone was once a child and they grew up to be presidents, doctors and many crucial people that play major parts in our life. If you really dont like children then i suggest that you do not force yourself to do what you do not want to do. However i must warn you…….You will one day have no choice but to get weak when you hear the laugh of a child in his/her glee. Something that you can actually cause if you choose.

Answer #4

thanks a lot. i sometimes feel guilty when i get angry at a child, maybe i do love kids but I’m just easily upset by them.

Answer #5

I dont know if you’re ever going to love children. You may learn to tolerate them. I work with children. When I was doing my internship, I flat out refused to work with kids under 12. Because I KNEW I wasnt going to work with kids. Well life is funny. I now work with kids. Still don’t love them. They’re not so bad. Still prefer to work with teens or adults. I think you’re either a kid person or you’re not. The whole innocence and purity and watching how cute they are, that only works when you already see them that way. I can watch my cat sleep, I think she’s the cutest thing on the planet. Babies, not so much. But I can understand where people are coming from. There’s this myth that women must love children, they’re hard wired to love them. Well, that’s why it’s called a myth. And of course, societally, we have to keep that myth going, because evolution demands it, we have to keep the species going. Why feel bad about not loving children? But it is something I’d keep to myself. It’s like God. People either think you’re in denial, you simply can’t see the truth, or they get upset (see above answers).

Answer #6

have your own?

Answer #7

Some kids can be really annoying sometime :)

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