How can we get my great grandson under control?

We have a 5 year old great grandson, my grandson is trying to get custody of him, his mother doesn't displine him, she says he is handi capped and she has even potty trained him. My daughter is trying to get him potty trained. Whe he heard his 20 year old sister do some screaming at my daughter, now he starts screaming when he doesn't want his dad to go to work. I left him in a room and told him when he stopped he could come out. he is not on a scheduled. He mother has allowed him to stay up all night and sleep days, and he has gone to pre school from 12:45 to 3:00. we are so stressed out over all this, and now she is trying to get full custody of him. and if she does, we don't want anything to do with them. he will be in a detention center before he is a teenager. when he screams he hits and trys to bite you please tell us where we might get some help and answers to our questions

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I would recommend a Child Psycologist....I wish you the best !!

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Dear grams,
Putting a child alone in a room till he stops yelling is also not a good way to discipline. It seems that all of you could use some parenting skills. Children lean what they live so the only way to have a well behaved child is by showing good examples. When a child misbehaves you use a time out...but the objective is catching them when they are good. There are many, many great books out there and if done properly a child will learn good behaviours in 2 weeks time. How he acts elsewhere is not something you can control but how he acts when at your home can be controlled by you. Do some reading and good role modeling. It sure would be sad if you decided to punish him by denying him his grandparents for something that others have taught you see the faulty thinking there?
Sue...good luck

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