Why do we have child abuse?

Why do we have child abuse?

Answer #1

Most parents are not doing it on purpose, most child abuse is neglect… people just dont have the resources to take care of the kid, or they dont know better… when it comes to physical abuse, there’s lots of things that could go into it… kids are of different temperaments (bad fit between parent and child), parents have some sort of disorder so their emotions are less controllable, they end up overreacting and taking it out on their kids, or they have substance abuse problems, which again can lower inhibitions, and end up to abuse, lots of stress in the family, they’ve learned from their own childhood that’s how to deal with kids, etc etc… it does go on… some parents are of course just sick (read a child called it), and need to be locked up forever… I have no idea about sexual abuse, I really dont care why it happens… they should all be locked up and castrated… or put in siberia for hard labor… you get the picture…

Answer #2

some parents are just monsters and do not have the right in my eyes to have children when there are some many women out there crying out to be mothers that can not have children

Answer #3

because a ton of angry parents just cant handle all the stress, and dont know what to do about it, so they take all their hatred out on the kids

Answer #4

Most parents have no patience and always let anger take over and never think about the child’s well-being. I used to be abused all through foster care and part of my early teen years but yet nothing was done about it cause back then they never believed a thing I said or kids say,it’s honestly very very VERY wrong and they know it.

They should spend a week in a child’s life and see what sort of pain they go through.

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