What is cheaper trailers or apartments?

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i would say a trailer is cheaper

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Okay thank you... I will look into them

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it also depends on the area too. like an apartment in california would cost more than one in new mexico.

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It depends on how big the apartment is sometimes. But most of the time it's the trailer that is cheaper.

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It depends on where you live. Around here to rent a trailer one can live in year round would cost as much, possibly more, than a small bachelor or one bedroom apartment. If you are looking for cheap rent, you might want to consider renting a room or finding a friend to rent a place with. Roommates can be a pain but they can also be fun, and they cut down on bills. Good luck!

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They are about even around here to rent, but the trailer is going to be more expensive to heat/cool. Trailers are usually poorly insulated, plus all 6 sides are exposed to the elements.

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