Anyone that lives in a apartment, do you like it?

Anyone that lives in a apartment, do you like it? Just wondering. I know I live in one and, its a nice apartment.

Answer #1

Well I used to live in an apartment and it was ok I guess…I mean I liked it but there were bad people around where I lived…=( random question lol:)

Answer #2

I’ve only recently moved into an apartment and my fiance and I have made it our little nest. So I do love it. Saying that though we have very noisy neighbours upstairs and downstairs and we get woken up very early in the morning on the weekends by the child upstairs screaming on the balcony. There are also a lot of restrictions of what we can and can’t do and when we can and can’t do things. :( Other than that I love living in our apartment! :)

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