Why did they change the original name for a butterfly from "Flutterby", to "Butterfly"?

What was wrong with flutterby? It sounds better, because “flutterby” is what a butterfly does.

Answer #1

Typo. They been around since the monks started hand copying bibles.

Answer #2

no idea - because they fly? I have no idea where the butter come into it though. Or maybe it was one of those things where people just kept saying it wrong, and it stuck

Answer #3

A great name for a bug, not butterfly. Doesn’t fit, flutterby does.
It’s like ‘lightningbugs’, it should be lightingbugs.

Answer #4

I guess because flutterby makes it seem like they just flutterby past you. but then someone touched there butter wings and called them a butterfly…that oddly sounds tasty lol

Answer #5

You could be right on that. There is a beautiful butterfly that is butter yellow. Maybe that is where the name came from.

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