Possible name change?

I’m not getting rid of Raven,I told my mom I wanted to change a part of my name,she said not to do my first,so I said what about the middle,she said ok. What do you think of W Raven Armstrong? Some know my first,what do you think. My full name is W Gregory Armstrong,which is better.

Answer #1

Raven isn’t creative or original. It’s the name all fake goths pick as their new names.

When you grow up, you’ll laugh about this.

Answer #2

hmmm… if your going for a creative and original name, then go wit raven. lol. if you wanna have a “normal-ish” middle name, then stick wit gregory. lol. ^_^

Answer #3

go with Raven as your middle name, that’s like having Danger as your middle name, it’s a lot more interesting than Gregory so definitely go with Raven

Answer #4

I like Raven better. it’s filled with more awsomness.

Answer #5

screw it keep it as it is

Answer #6

Having Raven as a middle name is a little different, but hey why not?

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