Is there a chance for me to become a figure skater if I lose weight?

im 16 years old

Answer #1

i know a beauuuutiful figure skater and shes over weight (: no matter the size yoou can become whatever yooou dream of lovely (: x

Answer #2

Professional? Olympic? Probably not. You can still get very good, but, becoming a professional takes about 10,000 hours of practice (in anything) from what I’ve read in Malcolm Gladwell’s books :)

If you already have a few years of experience, then you might be able to learn enough to go professional…but, figure skaters also retire young, as it’s really hard on the body.

Answer #3

I was a figure skater (on ice) for ages when I was a bit younger. I say go for it! Absolutely! It gave me so much confidence. It’s a great sport or hobby. Just be prepared for long practices and early wake ups in the mornings!!

Answer #4

Can u ice skate for a start?

Answer #5

thank you .. but she prob not as over weight as I am :(

Answer #6

well If I don’t have a chance to be on the olympics I could atleast teach younger kids if I become real good at it right?

Answer #7

thank you so much =D

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