What could be causing me to lose so much sleep?

I’ve been awake for five days. Its getting ridiculous.I’m so tired but my body just won’t shut down and sleep. I’ve managed to pass out a few times. Totalling MAYBE six hours of sleep. I can take it anymore. I hurt, I have a headache, I’m shakey, I keep having small spasms. I’m diagnosed bipolar also could that be a contributing factor?

Answer #1

Do you have alot of caffeine, sugar etc?

Answer #2

no. i dont. i mean. i dont think sugar or caffeine could cause a person to stay awake for nearly a week. i am getting kind of worried. every day tasks are getting difficult to perform. i cannot go to the doctor either because im uninsured

Answer #3

Ugh, american health care is a drag!

I had trouble trying to get to sleep while my major exams during highschool were on, during the month they were on i got around 0 hours sleep. Mum noticed and she is a phycologist so she got me to stop everything, sit down on the floor and just breathe in, hold for a few seconds then out, then told me to lay down and flex each of my muscles,

for example, you start with your toes you flex your toes then release them and let them sink into your bed, then to the same with your shins, calves, groind, stomach, pecs, then go to your arms, down and do all your fingers, then your other arm, then neck, mouth, nose, ears and finally eyes and with yuor eyes just drift off into the darkness. It worked wonders for me. Meditation is a very powerful tool when used correctly. Try and have relaxing music in the background.

Answer #4

You could be drinking too much coffe, energy drinks, sugary drinks e.c.t. It couls also be that you might be stressed about something that is preventing you from sleeping at night. You might not be doing something over the day that makes you tired enough to sleep?

Answer #5

Welp I’m now on my fifth or sixth night without sleep. I dozed off a few times today totalling about an hour of sleep. One time waking up so disoriented and panicked I called my fionce trying to tell her to never talk to me again and to leave me alone. She was able to calm me down luckily. I don’t know what’s going on. I’m beggining to hallucinate and last night I got so disoriented that I feel over smashing into something. I now have a big mark on my face :/ I have a constant headache, I’m barely able to speak, every movement it seems required a ridiculous amount of enegry. I’m just getting kind of worried. And no its not sugar. Jesus. Who stays up for a week on a sugar high?

Answer #6

Caffeine (pop, coffee, energy drinks) and smoking cigarettes. I’ve heard that nicotine keeps you awake. Stress could also cause you to lose sleep.

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