Cat fleas vs dog fleas?

Why is there a seperate flea killer for dogs vs. cats? Are the types of fleas different. I used to have cats and now have a dog. Can I use flea killer meant for cats on him?
Please don’t answer “I don’t know”. Thanks

Answer #1

Yes, follow the label. What is in it may be different then what is in Dogs. Just like Frontline, Advantage, Advantix. It is the same kind of flea. Just remember if you only treat the dog with shampoo you and not treating the problem. Fleas live a long time in different stages and can hatch in your carpet, couch, blankets, anywhere the animal has been, just when the temp is right and now they are back on the dog. You need to treat the dog, bath, capstar, apply a vet appoved flea product between the shoulder blades once a month. You need to vaccum anywhere the dog has been in the house, under the couch, wash you sheets, anything you can think of to get rid of any eggs the sheaded and fell off the dog. People think around here because we are in November that it will get better, when actually Oct, and Nov. Are one of the worse months for Fleas and ticks. Hope this helps, And watch what you use, it may be cheap but you will be throwing your money away or maybe a trip to the vet. Good LUck

Answer #2

Collars are more dangerous, and don’t work as well as the products that are drops of liquid on the back of the neck or shoulders. Like Frontline (works longest) Advantage Multi (works against most variety of pests) or Revolution (works for heartworm prevention) or Advantix…best if you have ticks a lot in your area. Ask your vet.

Answer #3

Cat’s lick more than dogs and so there are certain products that are harmful for a cat vs as dog.

If you put a dog only product on a cat and the cat licks it, it could have a serious reaction or die.

Answer #4

Thanks to all of your answers. I was curious mostly. I have bought him a collar until I get to the vet next week. For sure he will get the strong med he needs. ;)

Answer #5

Using the wrong product can harm your pet. I think it’s using the one meant for dogs on a cat is BAD> Check the label or a vet.

Answer #6

The fleas are the same, but the amount of product it takes is different, as well as how the two different species utilize the product.

Use only the product for the specific animal.


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