What is the worst case of bullying you have ever seen personally?

Answer #1

All of the ones that have lead kids to killing themselfs.

Answer #2

The media on celebrities, the worst part is it’s public and everyone take’s a part in it. As if we somehow forget that celebrities are humans and have emotions.

Answer #3

I know those are the worst… But, have you ever personally known someone?

Answer #4

Seen some poor lad get battered in the playground and had grass shoved in his pants because he told on these other lads for stealing his money.

Answer #5

Honestly any form of bullying in my opinion is terrible.

Answer #6

I know exactly what you mean, & I definitely agree. I just wanted to know what the worst situation was that people have seen in person (:

Answer #7

I saw this really mean freshman chick who thought she was all that pick on a mentally challenged kid while the kid was right there. I walked up to her and made it clear she didn’t need to do that. Then I told Mr. Croft(principle) and she got wrote up! However, any form of bullying is bad/horrible

Answer #8

I don’t, I know someone from my school who did do this, but I was not a friend of them or nothing.

Answer #9

But I do know this kid in my school who is constantly bullied because of his personality and the things that he likes. He ussualy gets yelled at, hit at, and what not, is sad to see it and all. In my old school, all you saw was that too, if you were different you were bullied, I was even part of it for months, the worst part is, that in High school teachers pay even less attencion to this.

Answer #10

There was a girl when I was way younger who if anyone even touched her people would run and touch another person handing off her “germs” to them. It really was terrible. If someone even breathed by her they’d go into a freak out fit about how gross it was to breath air touched by her. I remember out of pressure I tried being mean to her but ended up writing her a sorry note later in the day.

Answer #11

One time this girl at one of my old schools got bullied so much she brought a gun to school. She had a list of ppl she would shoot.

Answer #12

Some girls threw raw meat at me…

But this girl I knew use to get picked on in middle school and she tried to kill herself. You would think that after that the kids would of been nicer to her but it actually got worse.

Answer #13

I was phisically and mentally abused till I was 18, I wont go into details but instead of turning me away from the world, I lifted up my head and seen what life could really bring me.

Answer #14

I’m sorry. If you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here. <3

Answer #15

Thank you very much,<3 and there is no reason for you to be sorry for someone elses mistake. It only made me stronger as a person and made me realize that there are things in life that you cant replace (like a childhood) but there are things you can (like the rest of your life)!! I am so happy in life now ;P

Answer #16

You’re welcome!!(: I know what abuse feels like , so I’m always there for those who have been there <3

Answer #17

someone get a table thrown at them, then stabbed in the head with a pen. but thats only physical bullying. i agree with most people on here, any form of bullying is horrible

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