Has anyone ever experienced families acting like this?

im going to see my mom and her family this weekend I havent talked to any of them since I got pregnant at 14. They dont know either of my sons exist to the most part they know I had my first but never seen him and im trying to think what to expect I dont want to bring my kids to meet them if my family is going to just up and leave me alone again I cant see my kids be hurt by people like that.

Has anyone been through anything like this if so can you give me some ideas what it might be like im scared to see my mom and the rest of the family I havent seen or spoken to in 4 year.

Thanks for all the help in advance.

Answer #1

My advice would be to see your family BY YOURSELF at first, but take tons of pics of your kids. That way, even if they reject you, your children won’t have to see that, and won’t be hurt. I can understand your situation. I was 16 when I was raped, and now my beautiful daughter is almost 3. My parents (divorced) have not spoken to me as a result of this for more than 4 years as well. It pains me that they do not wish to be a part of our lives and be grandparents to my daughter, but I think it is better this way. I do not know if they would ever tell my daughter that the man she thinks is her daddy really isn’t, that she is a product of rape (even though that is not her fault and I never plan to tell her that), ect. Remember, what happened to you was not your fault, or your son’s fault, and if your family can not see that, then it may be better to let your childen grow up without them.

Answer #2

I think that they will react sensible - similar thing happen to my parents when they were 22 , my dad’s mother didnt like my mum and my parents didnt talk to them for 2 years , after these time I was 2 as well and they been very sensible when they saw me !!! After 4 years I think your parents wont have a bad reaction…

Answer #3

Uhm… you can funmail me. I have a similar situation with my sister that could possibly help!

Answer #4

yeah I know I ahte when people come on here and they dont read they whole thing or the just read one part and dont finish before the give the aadvice I was ready to curss her out but I didnt I contained my anger towards her she really just needs to mind her own business

Answer #5

no hunny im 18 yes im young to be on my 3rd and 4th child (pregnant with twins) and if you read it say “ I was 14 when I got pregnant with my first son and I havent spoken to my family in 4 years” so lets do some math if I was 14 and you add on 4 year that would be 18 read a lil before you go comment on what im asking

Answer #6

no matter what goes wrong in familys they should be strong enough to pull through anything together…its a shame the didnt give you the support you needed…ok so you were 14 with your first pregancy but so what we all make mistakes right? things in life are sent to try us,they make us sink or swim in your case I think your the stronger person for not letting your family get to you by carrying on with your life ( hat off to you) go see your family,,but if still dont accept you or you kids,,,its hard yes but its THEIR LOSS not yours,,but just remember your the better person for trying to make things right between you all…all the best of luck to you

Answer #7


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