My pregnant Mom has the worst mood swings

okay so, my moms pregnant and iknow that pregnant ladies get mood swings and stuffs like that but latley shes been acting like the biggest b*tch ever, and usually its to me. my sister could be getting the biggest attitude with her and when imake acomment about it my mom just blows up on me and starts telling me all these things. she really gets on my nerves and she makes me not want to live here anymore, ihate being home. it summer vacation now and personally ifeel like iwould rather be home than here. uhh what should ido ?

Answer #1

Sounds like she might be under a lot of stress / pressures you’re not aware of - maybe she’s very worried about another mouth to feed and take care of - be more understanding - she needs you…I wish you the best !!

Answer #2

just try to accept it. its not like your mom can help it. shes pregnant, the mood swings arent her fault. buck up! only 8 months left! lol!

Answer #3

by the way…she’s almost gunna be 6 months preg.

Answer #4

they say “you strike out at those you love / trust most”

if thats the case, just be patient with her,

TIP; just for 48 hours, only 48 hours, offer to help her with EVERYTHING see how she reacts. I think you’ll find it’ll go one of two ways

  1. she’ll lap it up and it’ll be a house of harmony, or,
  2. she reject it, and you’ll know it’s nothing you’re donig, it just her way of coping.

I’ve been pregnant twice and I couldn’t help being 4rsy! just the hormones…teenage years are v similar lol

Answer #5

try to understand her and have LOTS of mother was the exact same way when she wa spregnant of my lil 3 yr old brother..and well she still kinda is bc the kid stresses her out! prego mama’s and chicks pms’ing..are moody and blow up for no reason..I would also I try to do to chill out whenever my moms exploding on me..I jsut try to b in her shoes..I ask would ifeel if I wouldnt get a goodnites rest, wake up every two hours, then at five or six am..have to make breakfast and stuf…clean..and take care of my little kid..everyday, nonstop…and well I come to th ecommon sense that I would be blowing up on everybody too..bc id be soo frustrated! I don’t know..I hope that helped some..

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