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I have a baby robin that my cat brought in around 8pm. The baby is unharmed. The robin is about as old as when birds start growing out of their nest, but has underdeveloped wings and tail feathers. I have her in a small cage an she took baby bird food only once and she closed her little eyes for the nite.

The question/concern I have is. What if she doesn’t want to eat the baby bird food in the morning, could I give her some babyfood like ham or chicken? If she doesn’t want that either, what else could I feed her??? That’s 2 questions, sorry!

Answer #1

No no no.I used to work in a pet store.Go to the pet store they have baby bird food.Its a dry mix you add warm water to and then get a saringe.(Afeeding saaringe not a needle) and hold the bird still then be sure to put the tip of the saringe in firmly into the back of the mouth (not the throat so you dont choke it) and squirt the food down its throat.Now listen carfully to this part : A BABY BIRD WILL EAT ITSELF TO DEATH ONLY GIVE IT 2-3 SARINGE FULLS OF FOOD OR A SMALL CUP FULL OR ELSE YOULL SPLIT ITS CROP AND ITLL DIE! =] Good luck

Answer #2

Actually, I have a question about baby robins. We had a robin’s nest last year and everything went according to schedule: about to weeks each to hatch and two more weeks to leave the nest. Now we have another robin’s nest with 2 chicks but they are over 2 weeks old and still seem limp and listless. They don’t cheep or open their bills and we are worried. Are they ill or do they have a birth defect? The mom is still feeding them but it doesn’t seem often enough. Any ideas what is going on?

Answer #3

I found a baby robin at the park and I dont know what to do with it. I need advice!!! If you have advice on carin gfor baby robins PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! I herd advice on giving the Robins wet soaked dog food. But look on google for more advice.

  • morgan
Answer #4

I’m sorry liz angel 2, but dont’ listen to liz angel 26!!! those instructions are for parrots!!! most baby parrots eat about 1/2 to 1 times their body weight PER FEEDIGN they also only require a few feedings a day. WITH WILD BIRDS IT IS MUCH DIFFERENT!!!: do not feed the baby 2-3 SYRINGE FULLS!!! THATS ABSOLUTLEY INSANE!!! IT WOULD BURST. you NEED TO FEED IT EVERY HALF HOUR ABOUT 2- 3 RAISIN SIZED BITES OF FORMULA PER FEEDING. go to the websites in my other answer above, they will help A TON, AND they actually have CORRECT information. as I say to most people that answer q’s like these (life and death) you shouldn’t answer a question like this if you don’t really know what your talking about. GET THE BABY TO A REHAB CENTER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE I have successfully raised a robin, +cardinal from eggs, and 1 robin, crow, sparrow, and blue jay from nestlings. I am a person that is telling yoou correct info! Good luck, and I hope ii was useful. ~Carrie~

Answer #5

ok, you need: warmth, proper nutrition, and quiet. KEEP HANDLING TO A LIMIT, YOU DO NOT WANT HUMAN IMPRINTMANT. Make a nest by taking a dog or cat carrier, lining it with towels, and a heating pad underneath. Or use a berry basket with tissues an a heating pad. Put a thermometer in the make shift nest to make sure it’s about 95 d’s F. For food, soaked dog food is usually NOT ENOUGH, variety is the spice of life. There are certain minerals and vitamins in foods from the wild the baby needs. You can by Kaytee exact handfeeding formula for all baby birds on amazon (cheaper than the actual store) . Please tho, take care of that baby. I got all my info from various sites on google. Here are some awesome sites with homemade food formula’s and other orphaned baby robin care info’s:

here’s a shortcut to find kayee exact formula:

get the baby warm before you feed it! feed it the right diet as soon as possible, they need to be feed about every 1/2 hr.!!! Take Care!


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