Why is my car turning off?

I drive a Chevy Tahoe and lately when i make some kind of a sharp turn or U turn, the engine shuts off. Im 20 years old, dont know shit about cars and have no one to teach me? is there something wrong with my truck?

Answer #1

Replace the fuel filter :]

Answer #2

so it only happens with preasure on the wheel? steering wheel that is.. the 1st thing id check would be my alternator and then the battery. as you know nothing about cars id surgest getting it to a mechanic.. erm what happens after its cut out? does it start back up straight away or do you have to sit there for a while?

Answer #3

Could be the battery?

Answer #4

The car does not start back up. i have to put it back into park it and start the engine up again. I would also like to add that a fresh battery was put in three months ago.

Answer #5


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