What is a way I could turn up my boost on my car 1 or 2 psi without having to buy anything?

I have a factory turbo Miata and the car is quick, but you know us guys, we always want more.

Answer #1

im sure when i bought my new turbo last year that the instructions inside mentioned summet to do with how to adjust it..

its late now so ill have a look tomorrow for ya.

thats if my mom hasnt chucked teh box away :|

Answer #2

Well thank you, this is not a after market turbo, it is factory so I probably do not have the options you have.

Answer #3

Depending on what car it is you could add a spring to the waste gate actuator. The best method is to get a proper boost controller though. The boost controller has a ball and spring in it so that the boost must overcome the ball and spring before it can apply pressure to the waste gate actuator. You can get one at a performance shop for under 100$.

Answer #4

Yes I was looking at this on Flyin Miata, and then I was reading on how people where changing the intake and exhaust and some other little things and getting about 200 to 300 hp for about 1000 to 3000 dollars. Right now my wheel hp is 170 hp.

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