Can you tell me the meaning of this Quote?

hello everyone how are you ? well I was reading and writing some Quotes and suddenly I saw this Quote and I have some idea about it but I am not quite sure can you guys help me? here it is: ((Mishaps are like knives that either cut us or serve us,as we grasp them by the handle or Blade)) I will appreciate your answers :-)

Answer #1

It’s about learning from our mistakes. We can either grab it by the blade and make the same mistakes over and over, or we can grab it by the handle and learn from it.

Answer #2

It’s about taking control over the situation. You can either allow it to hurt you (by grabbing the blade) or you can conquer it and take control over it by grabbing the handle.

Answer #3

We have a choice. The choice is either to grab the knife by the handle or the blade. If we grab it by the handle, we can make use of the knife. If we grab it by the blade, we will be harmed. During a mishap, we can have a choice. We can make use of it, or we can be harmed by it. Either way, the focus is on the choice.

Answer #4

It’s about overcoming pain or whatever. Heartache. Saying like, you can sit there and whine like a bltch or you can take your crap situation and turn it into a positive one.

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