What does this quote mean?

What does this quote mean??

“To be ignorant of what happened before you were born is to ever be a child”

I looked it up online but it didn’t help and I need to know to write my history paper.


Answer #1

Basically I think it means if you don’t regard history, you’re never going to progress because you’ll be ignoring everything that has built the present day. Unsure though. That’s just my interpretation.

Answer #2

I’m no philosopher but my guess would be to think of it as a stubborn kid.

you get punished but don;t learn from that mistake. so you do it again and get punished again however you dont learn from your mistakes. you never grow up.

Answer #3

It means learn form the past because those that do not learn form the past will never progress in life

Answer #4

“it is not the mistakes that you make, it is the mistakes that you continue to make “

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