What does this quote mean to u?

were reading the book speak in english.. Mr freeman (character in book…) tells his class, “You must walk alone to find your soul.” what does that mean to you and do you think it’s true? and what is a soul in your opinion?!

Answer #1

I once heard the following: we are Not physical beings trying to have spiritual experiences; we are Spiritual beings having physical experiences. I believe we are here on earth carrying the precious gift of our creation. But realizing that is not easy. Many things can distract us, like drugs, money, sex, greed, you get the picture. But at least from time to time a person has to step away from all the “noise” of the world and realize that in spite of his or her needs for another person’s warmth or touch, or money to buy food, etc, she is a source of warmth and love without asking anything in return. That is what the soul is. That is what we are here for. That is why we must walk alone, without distractions.

Answer #2

For me the quote means that no-one can do things for you. Souls are bundles of energy that occupy a body from when it is born, until it dies.

Answer #3

To me it means, to find your true self you have to be free of other people’s influences. If you ‘walk alone’ then no outside influence will be there. I think that’s true to an extent. To me your soul is your being, your spirit, I guess.

Answer #4

I do think its true (and btw really good book). It means that you have to look to yourself to find things you love to do not like things because other people want you to. Its like you make yourself who you are no one else does.

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