Can sperm get washed off by water?

Like running your hand under cold water? My friend took her boyfriends condom off and said while she did he could have sworn something got on her hand and she said she just ran her hand under water then went to the restroom. Is she safe ?shes on the pill too.. so shes not worried she just wanted me to ask and see what peoples responces would be =)

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Naw, shes fine. :)

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Sperm need to stay WET, in order to stay active. If the area if moist and damp the sperm can live 48-72 hours. If the area dries... they die.

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Sperm dies outside the body after not very long so I don't think she has anything to worry about, so tell her not to worry. As long as she washed her hand before putting it any where near herself(if you know what I mean!) there's if definitely no chance of pregnancy!x

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LOL. cute. okay. look...if she ran her hand under water for a few seconds she's cool...sperm and the fluid of a ejaculation is not a tar like substance. it will get washed off if water is applied. no worries.

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ANSWER #5 of 8 maybe the girl should have dried her hand off with a hairdrier, and then washed!


thanks captain :)

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hahaha. that's funny. she's fine

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can't sperm live for like...8 hours outside the body or something crazy like that?

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Soap works better...

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