Does it have sperm that can get you pregnant

Ok when your giving a hand job and wet stuff comes outbid thatnlike ore cum? Like does it
Have sperm that can get you pregnant?

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I think what she is refering to is pre-cum and yes that still has sperm in it. even if it's a clear watery like liquid it still has sperm in it.

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if its a handjob you cant get pregnant by getting sperm (cum) on your hand. And cum has sperm thats what cum is lol

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alright if you dont know about this stuff then you are too young and too nieve to be doing the stuff your doing wait till your older and know everyhting you need to know to be safe

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About 500 MILLION sperms are released in one ejaculation.
It only takes ONE to get you pregnant.

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ok, so cum is also known as semen which carries the sperm, but if you swallow it in oral sex or get it on you when you give a handjob, you won't get pregnant. the only way you can get pregnant is vaginal sex meaning any sperm inside or on the surface of your vagina

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that is pre-cum.
pre-cum comes from a different area of the male reproductive system than where sperm comes from. but the pre-cum's function is to clean out the tube that a guy pees and ejaculates out of. so if there is any sperm inside of that tube, the pre-cum will pick that up on it's way out. so originally it does not contain any sperm but it is likely to pick up any sperm that may be in its path on it's way out. it is possible to get pregnant by pre-cum but the odds are slim.

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Yes! You can get pregnant from precum. (The sticky, clear substance that comes out of a penis when a guy is excited and before he cums. Looks a bit like raw egg white)

Precum is a fluid coming from the penis and is produced by the prostate and a few smaller glands that are situated in the body of the penis.

They produce clear slimy liquid called precum whose main purpose is cleaning the urethra (the tube running through the penis that urine comes out of) from any bacteria or the leftovers of urine.

Precum is also a lubricant that is used for lubrication of the glans and foreskin during the intercourse.

Depending on the person precum may or may not contain small amounts of sperm and the chances of pregnancy are small but, since in theory, only one sperm is enough to get a woman pregnant there’s still a chance that the pregnancy will happen.

It would be the safest to use condoms during the entire duration of sexual intercourse and ensure that no precum or sperm gets near your vagina either directly or from your fingers.

If the guy was really excited, it is almost certain that some precum would have leaked from the tip of his penis even if it was just a very small drop.

Be safe


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