Can someone do my math homework ??

Cann some one please do my mymaths homeowrk I got to do all the booster packs and get more than 70% and I am well not smart lol someone please helpp !!

Answer #1

You do realise that getting someone else to do your homework is just going to make things worse for you right? Why not try it and then after actually making a proper attempt at doing your homework go and ask your teacher for help.

Answer #2

Well I can try if I know the question?!?!

Answer #3

How can people help when they cant see what it is your doing lol…

Answer #4

Ha Ha,, I think you need help more than me ;) !! x

Answer #5


im not very good either :(

Answer #6

Try doing it first, then email it to me & I can check it. Don’t worry about getting it wrong just have a go!

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