I can't figure out my math homework

I can’t figure out my math homework and I would ask my mom for help but I didn’t have the best day so I’m REALLY on edge tonight, like every little thing is pissing me off AND me and my mom don’t tend to get along ESPECIALLY when it comes to my homework which I happen to hate intensely, making it all the harder to accomplish. So, I don’ know what to do because asking my mom is almost guaranteeing a fight which won’t accomplish anything and will leave me and my mom in horrible moods. What do I do? Said homework is due tomorrow.

Answer #1

say your dog ate it-just kidding. try doing an internet search on the computer on your math topic and see what you come up with.

Answer #2

Ask someone to do it for u.

Answer #3

have your mom or dad or someone email your teacher or write a note saying no1 could understand it and they cant take points off because you have a written excuse

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