Can Serotonin Levels Replenished

As the title suggests, I want to know if Serotonin levels can be replenished.

What I mean is, lets say my friend did street Ecstasy, which contained not only MDMA but cocaine as well as heroin, for about 6 months, every single day and moreso on the weekends.

He now has a mood deficiency where his moods fluctuate all over the place. He was prescribed different drugs such as Seroquel and the newer one Ibilify, but because of an incident, he was taken off.

I know something about Ecstasy (actual Ecstasy, MDMA) has something to do with screwing with serotonin levels. If I’m not mistaken, Ecstasy reaches into the pool of serotonin (in so many words, I’m not looking for wikipedia accuracy here) and from there, I don’t know.

I know of other people, not just my friend, who did Ecstasy and some of them are on hardcore amounts of anti-depressants. So my question is, for my friend, is there anyway that his levels of serotonin will reach normal so he can be remotely happy again on a day-to-day basis?

Answer #1

It takes time. Tell him to take vitamins to help his body in general and just give it time. He should think about going to see a physciatrist and getting on anti-depressents.

I am a recovering drug addict, xtc was one of the main drugs. I did it for 6 years straight. I am just now getting to the point where I don’t need meds to help with my depression and anxiety and I quit a year and half ago.

It takes time.

Answer #2

How would it not help him? Has he ever been? It’s not like it is on t.v. It’s very different.

Answer #3

Because he has been to groups, and he has been to therapy. None of which is helping the real issue, which is the mood swings/happiness problem.

From that, he thinks the damage can’t be fixed by simply “talking about it”.

Answer #4

He feels as if the damage done to him is physical, not mental or psychological.

NA wouldn’t really be helping him, although a normally valid option.

Answer #5

It’s been a little more than a year and he still feels the same.

He was on anti depressants for a long time and they didn’t do enough.

He was taken off of his psychiatrist/therapist prescribed drugs because at one point he tried to commit suicide by overdosing on the medication he was given.

He also did all of this when he was only ~16, I don’t remember the actual age.

Answer #6

Ya im going to have to agree with the guy above me.. I read an experiment based out of Germany that patients took about 4 pills worth of MDMA a day for a few months at a time and the average time for patients levels to return to almost normal was 2.5 weeks. The problem with your friend is the high amounts of meth. Meth drastically inhibits the reuptake of dopamine and can increase it by up to 6.5 times the average dose.. and eventually your brain will stop producing dopamine. Dopamine is your “pleasure and reward” neurotransmitter.. so maybe his seretonin levels arent where they should be, but the brain should be able to repair the 5-HT system in a fairly short amount of time.

Also, I think people expect life to be like it is when you are rolling and they forget to differentiate reality with an experience because the harsh reality is.. the feeling of MDMA is impossible without the drug. The drug pumps out almost every last drop of seretonin and stops it from being reabsorbed in the synapsis so you feel it for a long period of time. The brain cannot naturally do that.

So tell your friend to take 100-200mg of 5-HTP a day and take a B- Complex vitamins because it will help with the connection throughtout the Central Nervous System… And telremember how much fun he had rollin and all the new friends you meet because its fun.. But its not healthy to feel that way all the time… Because you want to stay off Zoloft or Paxil or Prozac because it works the same way as MDMA so your stuck back in the same place. This might sound a little out there but tell whoever to have sex or masterbate if sex is not an option. Having an orgasm releases endorphins, which makes for a happier person. Also exercising is another way to release endorphins. They might be simple but you never know.

Hopefully this can help you out.

Answer #7

Sounds to be a misdiagnosis, perhaps your friend should seek another medical opinion from a psychologist specialist in ADHD and Bi-Polar. He could just be needing a combination of mild stimulant and anti-depressant to get away from that suicidal state of consciousness.

Answer #8

All I can tell his is to continue talking to a psychiatrist and he should condier attending some NA classes. Narcotics Anonymous. You learn a lot and it’s a good place to get things off your chest.

Answer #9

He can take something called 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan)which will help aid in the regeneration of neurotransmitters in the 5-HT system. MDMA depletes the vesicles of most of its serotonin (into the synapse) causing receptors to work overtime firing electrical impulses that create the good mood and euphoria associated with X. Once your serotonin levels are depleted it can take several days and in some cases wekks or months.. it all depends on how fast your body generates serotonin. If you are prone to depression then chances are you produce serotonin slowly. In this case you should be taking 5-HTP regardless of your drug habits. Those who are prone to depression should not take MDMA as it can lead to suicidal behavior. MDMA can lead to death in rare cases so be careful and know your body before taking these drugs or any drugs.

Answer #10

Just so you know. There has never been a reported, tested, X pill with Heroin in it. Pills sometimes have Ketamin (Special K) which is gives you that mellow outer body experience like heroin. As for the depression. I suggest taking 5-HTP daily. It helps rebuild the serotonin levels in your brain. I take 100 mg a day and after a couple weeks I noticed that I felt a lot better.

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