Can my relaxed african hair get thicker s?

How can I get my relaxed african hair thicker withouut using any braids as this remove my front hairline? Is there a/some product/s that I can use nto make it thicker?

Answer #1

try natural products. I recently started using Carol’s Daughter products. They have no artificial colors or preservatives. If you’re going to use store bought stuff, I also use the Olive products (Root Stimulator). Works great and smells good. Deep condition your hair each time you wash it. Keep your ends clipped and your hair should start to grow and become healthier. Consult with your stylist/beautician.

Answer #2

hair doesnt just get thicker. thats all based on genetics. but if you desire thicker hair, you can always round brush it when blowdrying, or bump hair as you flat iron.

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