How can I get black color out of my relaxed hair?

I’m African American and I’ve been getting my hair relaxed since I was 6. I recently started taking good care of it in July 2006, so it’s finally starting to show some length and health. Problem is, I dyed it black in September 2006, and got tired of it in November so tried to dye it brown, but that didn’t change a thing. Then I tired again in January with a lighter shade, but that didn’t do a thing to my hair.. still black, and then I tired in June.. only dyed my roots red and my hair was pretty much black still. :(

Uuuuuh, how do I get this color OUT?! I really don’t have the budget for a salon, seriously, so anything else you can recommend I try without extremely killing my relaxed hair?

Answer #1


Black hair color is seriously difficult to remove. I would suggest you at least consult a stylist or professional for some advice. People on this site have suggested stripping your hair, but I know that causes damage. Have you tried to bleach it? It also causes damage, but at least it should get the black out.

Good luck.

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