Getting thicker hair..

Is there anyway that you can get thicker hair.?

Answer #1

like they said.. volumated shampoo && conditionor works very well. the shorter your hair is…the thicker it will be.

Answer #2

u can use volume shampoo and conditioner plus you can use the stuff to put in your hair after you dont want to put too much in tho if it gets too thick then it will get frizzy

Answer #3

You can buy shampoo and conditioner for that. I don’t know how you could do it naturally though. I don’t think you can.

Answer #4

you prob getting tired of me saying this, but my one friend tried horse shampoe and it was really good for her hair. makes it grow very fast(seriously a lot of people use it around here) and it made her hair thick and healthy.

Answer #5

buy hair extentions, and cut them so there at your length. hahaa :)f

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