Can I be pregnant if I failed the pregnancy test?

Can I be pregnant if I failed the pregnancy test?

Answer #1

yes you can still be pregnant there is a possibility. maybe when you took the pregnancy test you didnt have enough HCG hormones in the urine to detect pregnancy but there is still a possibility so wait another week and submit another test

Answer #2

it is posible.

Answer #3

There is a <1% chance that you can become pregnant if you failed a pregnancy test; as long as the laboratory technician performed the test correctly or that you followed the instructions and performed the OTC (over the counter) pregnancy test correctly. No test can guarantee a 100% precise or accurate result. However, I would rest assured that the probability of you “NOT” being pregnant after a ‘negative’ result from a pregnancy test is correct, as long as it was done correctly. If you’re still not sure, test once more either with an OTC pregnancy test or go to your doctor and they’ll take a blood sample to test. I hope that helps.

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