Can i be pregnant if i'm tired and my back hurts?

ok i think im 11 week preggo but not sure i always feel tired about to weeks ago i felt tired and my lower back would hurt but now im just tired i have no morning sickness at all and when i try sucking in my stomach it hurts...i havent taken an hpt for like 8 weeks some one plz help...

hey this is my new account ummm for some reason i cant long in on my other one s hit me up on this one and plz help me!!! prissy,,,

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no i havent had my period for the last 11 weeks...on june 22nd i thought i got my period but it was only spotting it only lasted like a day...and this weekend ima buy a pregnancy test

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There could be countless reasons why you feel this way and I guess the million dollar question would be .. have you had a period in the past 11 weeks?? Whether you have or haven't your best bet would be to buy a grocery store pregnance test.. I'm surprised you have not yet done this considering it's been almost 3 months.

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You could be pregnant... and you could not be.

Pregnancy symptoms are so similar to other things like the stomach flu, anemia etc.

So to be sure, take a pregnancy test and you'll get your answer.

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