Can anyone help me convince my mom to let me go on a diet?

how do I get my mom to let me go on the sacred heart medical diet? She will not let me can any one tell me how to convince her to let me go on the diet?

Answer #1

First of all, a diet is what you eat regularly. Ex: my diet would be sandwhiches, soups and mexican foods because I love them. When you “go on” a diet, you are more often than not changing what you usually eat. What reasons do you have for changing to this diet? Did your doctor tell you to? If he did, then that should be more than enough grounds for her to let you. Are you just feeling bloated? Cut back on salty and packaged foods. If it comes in a shiny wrapper (potatoe chips, poptarts) or you can get it at a gas station, it’s probably not healthy (Some gas station foods can be, you just have to look!!!). If your drinking gallons of soda during the week, cut back and replace a couple cans or bottles with a glass of water. Exercise. Can’t stress this enough. Exercise added to your diet is the best thing you can do. Go for a walk, do stretches on your floor, if you’re going to a friends house, and it’s close, ride a bike or walk. If your mom won’t let you, she probably has good reasons. Ask her if you don’t understand. Talk to her about it, and see what she thinks you should do instead.

Answer #2

Dear Fau, What is your present height and weight? I need to know this before I answer…OK? Familycoach

Answer #3

probably because your NOT fat… maybe thats it?

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