can anyone give good friendship advice?

can anyone give good friendship advice?

Answer #1

lisen to your heart the heart will not let you down. if your heart says it is good hang aroud and see what happens. if it says no good or throws a red flag get out asap.

Answer #2

making new friends: offer to help someone with a problem; no matter how big or small. this can include a question from here, schoolwork, personal/relationship problem, etc.

being a good friend: let people know that you are confidential, and that people can trust you. this is the type of friend everyone is searching for and needs these days. it’s also cool if you share the same interests, you’d go out of your way to help them, and other related factors.

Answer #3

what kind of friendship device do you need? do you want to make new friends?

Answer #4

every girl is fake. trust me. you can trust NO ONE

Answer #5

be friends for a long time before you start giving them all your juicy secrets and gossip. be there when they need you. dont tell their secrets. dont fight over a girl/boy. never let your world revolve around them. dont be a pushover. dont try to push them over. talk about crazy things. dont be afraid to let your crazy side show. offer to help them do little things. just be a friend.

Answer #6

Never trust anyone fully. Hopefully you can tell who is fake, so if you can, stay away from those people. They mess up your life the worst. The people who make you feel bad, get away as soon as you can. Boys are better to have as friends most of the time because they are less chatty. But you have to find the right guy.

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