can a mother breastfeed if...

can a mother breastfeed if her boobs are fake?

im just curious

Answer #1

NO `

Answer #2

im not shure I dont think they can because of the silacone but they might

Answer #3

they can as long as it was not a botched surgery.

Answer #4

Well my mom works at a breast feeding place that helps woman with this and she said, Yes she can but it may affect her milk supply.

Answer #5

It depends on the ‘fakeness’. What produces the milk are the mammary glands, not the fatty tissue that make breasts look big. (Look at monkeys and other apes - they breastfed their babies just fine, with tiny-looking breasts.)

So if the mammary glands are still intact, she should be able to breastfeed, provided the silicone or whatever wasn’t obstructing.

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