Bush wants war, not health care for poor children

President Bush wants to stop giving health care to poor children. Is it just me, or is that the worst kind of disgusting? His family is full of murderers (his daughter & wife are both guilty of manslaughter) and he’s personally authorized war in two countries with over a million lives lost to date. The war spending is outrageous.

However, he’s putting his foot down now: no more health care for 6.6 million poor children. And, the other 4 million kids who need health care are out of luck as well, because Mr. Bush doesn’t think the program should be expanded.

Tell me, should we spend on poor kids health care or on war?

Answer #1

Vote for Ron Paul.

Answer #2

Money makes the world go round.

Answer #3

I don’t know quite where to begin with this one. I read that 9 billion dollars of tax payer money went missing in Iraq just last week. I have a hard time believing that’s OK while paying for children’s health insurance is not OK.

Answer #4

well besides saying comments like “he sucks” or old people on here saying “impeach bush” step back and take a look at things health care for children means more taxes on us. I know it sounds so great to give children health care while thier mommies and daddies live off government welfare but come on. I would bet that half the un employment rate is due to laziness. Its called life liberty and PURSUIT of happiness…its not given you get what you earn in this country if you dont like it move to canada( not bashing canada i think theyre awsome but its comparing apples and oranges when you get there). I just dont understand people when all they have to talk about is “bush is stupid”…that just lacks intelligence on your part and i know only a small percent of people on here can acually carry on a good argument with proof of why they think what they believe. Canadas health plan is good but the problem comes with time, some people who need a certain srugery wont recieve it in time. Bush declined this because taxes would go up and it would be a step towards more welfare for the people who have kids when they shouldnt. The way i look at it is sick these poor people who can barely afford things for themselves go and have kids…way to bring osmeone else into your problem..

Answer #5

I just read yesterday where a Senator said that 14 days of war in Iraq would pay for the health care of 21 million children for 365 days. Do the math! I personally like the idea presented by Dennis Kucinich, A “not-for-profit” health care system, similar to Medicare and what they give us veterans.

Here’s what Dennis said on the House floor July 4, 2006. REMOVE COSTS RELATED TO PRIVATE INSURERS At least 30% of the $3.2 trillion spent annually for health care in the United States goes to the for-profit system, while 50 million Americans, many of them working, are without health insurance. About $660 billion goes for corporate profits, executive salaries, stock options, advertising, marketing, and the cost of paperwork. If we took all that money and we put it into a public health system, a national health care plan, we would have enough money to cover everything for everyone. EOM

Socialized Medicine my *ss! It’s the answer to the age old question; “am I my brothers keeper?” Cain’s words (Old Testament)have come to symbolize people’s unwillingness to accept responsibility for the welfare of their fellows — their “brothers” in the extended sense of the term. The tradition of Judaism and Christianity is that people do have this responsibility. Our government was supposed to be; - a government of the people, by the people and for the people. If then the government is the people shouldn’t we also be it’s brothers? Ask anyone on Social Security and Medicare and they’ll tell you it’s the best thing the government ever done for it’s people. Thanks to Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson.

Answer #6

Sighs. And this is why the country hates him. This is why the world hates this country. This is why everyone loves Canada because of Universal Health Care. Oh yeah, and this is why everyone loves the rest of the world for Universal Health Care as well. Granted, their economies may not be nearly as “good” as ours, but their people are happy, healthy, smart, and doing just fine making just as much as the more-than-average American is making. With all of those benefits. The government sucks. Everything is on the look out for number 1: The rich people. This country is based off of Darwinism; survival of the fittest. And the fittest are the one’s with the fattest wallets.

Answer #7

I soo get what your saying. This guy CAN and WILL go down as the WORST President in American history! When my grandchildern ask about the worst president I et to tell them about this time. I cannot belive that the democrats arn’t immpeaching him. We need to get rid of him before he blows up the world!!!

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