If you Whip your child with a belt and at first it leave welts for over 24 hours, and then it turns into a bruise, even if the bruise isnt that dark, but you can tell its there, is it child abuse?

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Depends on the state. There is no state law in the U.S. that specifies that you cannot use a belt. A slight bruise might be determined by the authorities to be abuse, although in some states such as Wyoming "light bruising" is allowed.

I recieved some bruises from spankings as a child and I don't wish some busybody had come around and "rescued" me from my mother.

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Geeze, I was spanked on (rare) occasion with a belt. It hurt like hell, but there were NEVER, EVER any welts or bruises. How freaking hard do you have to hit a child for them to be physically damaged? That's deranged!
Yes, if the child is bruised (if you are bruised) I would say that constitutes child abuse. Or at the very least, one instance of a parent losing control and letting their anger get the best of them (some parents wont repeat this due to overwhelming guilt from their actions).

How did I get bruised from being fingered?

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Yes it is child abuse in fact even if it were not in law. Hitting a child with an object is abuse. A child's mind is so overwhelmed that his 'protector' and authority figure is so violent that it will be lost as to how to handle the emotion. It will lead to hiding behavior, and, as he grows older, violence as the method of handling all conflict.
"Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child" is just wrong.

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Yes it is child abuse. If the child was hit so hard with this belt that it left welps for 24 hours and a bruise afterwards. That is damn ridiculous. NO CHILD DESERVES THAT

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it really depends on the state laws but in most cases yes it is,did this happen to you?

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im pretty sure its illegal to hit your child with a belt these days, regardless of the damage.

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