What hurts more, giving birth or breaking your arm?

Just wondering. I don’t know any mothers who have broken their arm so…

Answer #1

uh the most painful bone to break is the femur bone in your leg. so giving birth is more painful that breaking an arm. Breaking a femur bone might be close to the same pain as giving birth. if both happened at the same time I would feel very sorry for that person.

Answer #2

well… I think that giving birth I mean last time my mom’s friend had a baby she said that the pain of birth is like nothing you can explain… I don’t know why but I have broken a bone and it’s painful but for just you know a little while… So I don’t know, meaby birth…


Answer #3

birth! I wouldnt know but I know a lot of people who have gone through it and if they could have broken their arm instead of giving birth trust me they would have! lol

Answer #4

I shattered my wrist once and paid it no mind. It healed up all lumpy and then this neighbor who was a nurse saw it one day, and was appalled that I just went home and took some aspirin and cried for a while after destroying my left wrist. I had to go to the hospital and have them re-break it so they could set the bones back together properly. The pain of birth is unimaginable to me. I will simply never know. Although I can imagine it would be like crapping a large, lumpy watermelon, whole.

I’m pretty sure giving birth hurts a hell of a lot more than a broken arm.

haha! notice my contradiction of terms there?

Answer #5

Haha giving birth would probablyyy be more painful.

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