What breast cup size is average for 15/16 year old's?

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i don't think there is an average since all women vary in shape and size. when i was 16 i was a 36D. my sisters were 34A, 36B and 32A. my daughter was 32C. but 2 of my friends were 48DD. nothing average about that

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There isn't really an average. Every single woman is differently built, some of it is hereditary and some not. Plus, you're young, women do not stop developing entirely until they are 18, 19, 20ish young adults.

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Like everyone else says, we are all built different.
I get made fun of because my size is a 32 C and all my friends are D's.

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I don't get how any of you think there isn't an average. Yes we are all different of course, but "average" means, the most common, or the one in the middle, or all of them added up and divided by quantity you added up.

The average breast size for white women is somewhere between 36B and 36C. I suspect for 16 year olds it's close to that too. Most girls have finished developing by that age.

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when I was 15/16 I was about an A cup (with a bra a D cup :S) everyone is different, I just have little in that area, today I am a B cup but I have learned to love it

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Angie, the average among your small group comes out to be 38C...

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There isnt such thing as an "average size".. It all depends on the genes..

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I would love to be a C cup. I'm only a 32 A, sometimes a small B. It depends on the bra & also the time of the month, because they swell a little bit during that time.

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bra sizes vary. if your mother has large breasts she is more likely to pass them on to you as im a 32dd and im nearly sixteen. my mum was the same but is really large... i dont accually no what size they are. it isnt always like that tho they can be affected by the way you diet, excercise.

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I don't think there is an average. I'm a 36B.. my 12 year old sister is a 34c. And my mom was a 36DD. I have a 17 year old best friend who wears a 34aa. She doesn't even need a bra.. lol and I have another friend who's a 36D and she's 16. So I honestly think its just how you're growing and developing varys between girls. Its in your genetics or something.. or maybe not.. since I'm the only one in my family who doesn't have giant knockers. Maybe its because I'm an athlete?

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