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Will my boyfriend and I ever be able to be firends again? We have the same friends so its kinda hard to keep are distances, and I just relaized that last night. He made a huge scence that hes not gnna go to the movies if I go, I felt bad cause the whole movie thing was his idea in the firstr place (I later got invited by my friend) so I backed out. I really dont want to spend my summer doing that, I want to see my friends! And its also strange I find myself getting over him rather quickly. Hes also bei ng a little two faced saying omg shes so gay and stuff like that which is 1. so immature and dumb because he was justs aying online the other day that he truely loved me and needed time to get over me and that no one could replace me! What should I do? How long should it take him???

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you should try talking to him about it, maybe discussing what you two are going to do when it comes to hanging out in groups. if you cant avoid it you will have to figure out a way to work around it. if your ok with it then dont hold back, he will have to get over it and deal with it on his own. not with you sacraficing ur time with friends. as for him being rude and talking that way, thats just what hes doing cause hes hurt, hes not sure how to handle the break-up and probably is just showing his pain through anger. dont let him get away with too much though, he has no right to disrespect you. it will take time, you guys are at an awkward stage. just try to stick through it, it will be hard

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