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No, it stales quicker in the fridge, as it draws out the moisture.

Answer #2

How bout cheese? :)

Answer #3

Not necessarily - if you have a pantry that keeps temperatures of 5C or lower, then the cheese is fine in there.

Answer #4

No, the fridge is not the best place to store bread. Since the bag traps humidity it can still mold in the fridge and if you put bread in the fridge in a paper bag or without a bag it will dry out because the air inside the fridge is dryer than outside.

Most bread keeps well about 4 days. You are best off putting as much bread as you expect to eat in 4 days in a paper bag and put the rest of your bread in the freezer in its plastic bag. If you expect to leave bread in the freezer for a long time you might be better off wrapping it in several layers of kitchen cling wrap instead of using the bag.

Answer #5

Thank you :)

Answer #6

I like mine in the frigde.

Answer #7

We often put ours in the fridge in summer, because of the heat. Outside the bread sometimes lasts only about a day and in the fridge longer. But I find that bread that has been frozen tastes funny and don’t like it at all. For the technical details see Colleen’s answer.

Answer #8

I never did understand why people put the bread in the fridge

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it can

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I keep mine in the fridge. Living in hot and humid places you’re going to get fungus in a couple of days if you dont store it in the fridge. And cheese wouldnt even last that long. I guess it depends where you live.

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