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Well I guess you could say im...young. :p I have a boyfriend and we've been together for like um, 10 months. :) things are great, never fight..never argue everythings really perfect for us, and neither of us can imagine life with out the other. Yeah we're together but it feels like more then that hes my boyfriend and my bestfriend I like that. Cause I have a lot of family issues going on right now, and he understands and really knows how to drag a smile outta me when im having the worst day ever. :o I was just wondering though, we both know that we're too young for sex and know that we cant even think about it, cause we know the consequences. I was just wonder if this was wrong.. I mean well we we're alone and we were just talking about what stuff turns us on. [random subject] so after I told him, we watched a movie. And he started rubbing my thighs & kissing my neck and stuff. So yeah, I admit it he started making me wet. Haha. And I slide on his lap and yup sure enough he was hard, I scooted off gently and I knew what he wanted some 'attention' haha. ;d so I gently kissed his lips and had my hand on his stomach. I started sliding it lower untill I got to his jeans.. So I then started rubbing hiim thru the jeans and knew he was so liking it. So I tugged on his button untill it came loose, and eventually gently and slowly moved my hand into his boxers and rubbing on his penis again. So my question is.. Was that wrong of me? I mean after that he didnt want anything else or expect it cause, we know each others limits and we know not to go any further.

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yeah, agreed with women at the top hope your old enough, but sounds like you too are pretty committed, its cute. just dont do anything you will regret :)

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yeah but its okay when your a teenager around17 or 19 I have done necking and went into my boyfriends pants and had made out with him I am 16 and my boyfriend is 19 so sents we are 2 years apart from each other.I have gone there but we never have gotten cought doing it so I no its wrong of me so listen to me now never ever do it sents you are like hold 15 so do not make out quit yet please I is better if ou wait for like 2 to 3 years okay.
and pluse wait a few years to do that it is wrong to do at a young age trust me I would know these kind of things dis wait I ask you to nicely my best guess is not to do it.

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he didnt stop you before he ovey wanted it

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you guys needed to wait a little bit longer to have it cause I have gone there you don,t want that trust me I know.

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