How can we stop being boring and go to the next level?

ok well I am a total virgin like I’ve never done anything from fingering to s*x and nething in between well here is my problem I have this amazing boyfriend that treats me with complete respect but he is a little shy about talking about stuff beyond kissing and so am I and personally our relationship is getting a little boring oh and we have been going out for about 3 months but have known each other for a lot longer , he is a virgin I don’t know about a complete virgin like me, and I want to no a way to get him to bring up the subject without saying something like heyy want to finger me sometime… lol leading on that I want to without telling him… I really think im ready for the next step but I dont want to bring it up I want him to is that possible or is there any other way that we can have more fun in our relationship and get a little more confortable with each other without “going to the next level”

Answer #1

You first need to feel comfortable on a communication level before getting sexual with one another! There are many fun things you can do, without having to get sexual, (which you two as a couple arent ready to do) You need to take alittle more time than just 3 mos. to think that you are ready!

Answer #2

trust me from experience don’t rush into things im 13 and i was in relationship for nearly 3 years and we rushed into kissing and stuff, and we started to not talk so much but then we built our relationship back up, so talk to him, don’t rush into s*xual stuff, and just get to know each other

Answer #3

Doing things physically doesn’t necessarily make a relationship more exciting. In fact, thats not a good reason to start. Once you get into the mentality of “doing physical things will somehow make our relationship better” things start to go downhill. You can do tons of other things to make your relationship more fun without going to the next level. When you finally do go to the next level, it should be because you love the other person and want to share that with them as oppposed to you want to make things more exciting. Good luck

Answer #4

focus on having fun with eachother and relax

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