Boob pain

my left one is bothering me. whenever I touch it slightly on the nipple it hurts ...
what could be the cause?

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it could be letting you know that your bout to start your period because mine only hurt when im bout to start and they hurt maybe two weeks before I then start so that could be it I hope I've help.

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well..not on my period...but how can my left boob be growing at 18

boob pain

ANSWER #3 of 5

if you're on your period that's probably it.

Why Do I have pain in left boob?
ANSWER #4 of 5

Well I've gone threw it but its normal
It mean that Your boobs are growing(getting bigger) HOORAY FOR U! LOL

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ANSWER #5 of 5

I think its due to periods

Does drinking milk make your boobs grow?

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