Why does my right boob hurt?

My right boob hurts a little, but it’s not that painful…it is just like a little pinch. The pain is inside - (of course) - and somewhere near the nipple. My left boob is ok, there is nothing going on there. Thank you if you decide to leave some advice for me.

Answer #1

Cancerous lumps are usually painless I’ve heard. It could be a cyst… or it could be from your boobs developing (sometimes one boob develops quicker than the other). You might want to discuss this with your mom. If it keeps happening or the pain gets worse/you notice any leakage, or it gets worse, then see a doctor. If you truly worried over it, go to the doctor and get checked anyway. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Answer #2

go see a docotr that could be breast cancer

Answer #3

I don’t know but I think you should go see a doctor

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