Do you think this blouse is cute/ witchy/ okay?

But minus everything just the corset nothing else no makeup no skirt just the corset itself. I’m debating to get or not.

Answer #1

I like it :P

Answer #2

It’s cute but I think it depends on how well you can pull it off. I personally don’t like it on that chick in the photo but if you’re pretty sure you can pull it off and if you have a nice body for it then I say get it.

Answer #3

I love it!

Answer #4

Aw thanks I love it too! lol

Answer #5

I know the girl they use isn’t a good pic, but I know I could make it rock haha Thanks for your opinion :)

Answer #6

its kind of cute . it would be great on bodies with out tattos . if u have a good structure then it would look good on u as well

Answer #7

I love it too! lol Thanks for your opinion :)

Answer #8

im pretty sure thats a corset, not a blouse, but it looks nice

Answer #9

I like it- I have a top similar to it. But I bought it as more of a joke. The way mine is anyways, it’s more club/bar wear, and people might get the wrong idea if you wear it as an everyday type thing. but it looks alright, and if that’s your style, and can pull it off, go for it.

Answer #10

not bad

Answer #11

I love it! It’s a great top. Yes it is a corset, but the way fashion is now (well goth/emo/scene fashion) it’s worn like any other shirt. Rock it! I think anyone can pull it off wearing that, IF they have the confidence to do so. Confidence is everything! Two equally pretty girls could be wearing the same thing, have the same body type, and all that. But if one lacks self confidence and the other does not, the girl who feels awkward will look that way to everyone who sees her. While the confident girl will look amazing, because that’s what she is portraying to the world. Anyway, love it!!!

Answer #12

Thanks for your opinion and ya I know I can rock this lol I just wasn’t sure to get this or not but thank you for your opinion :)

Answer #13

No problem! =)

Answer #14

it looks kinda scary but its not really my kind of style. i wear alot of sweater dresses, and sweaters and polos.

Answer #15

scary need to dress better and tatoos don’t match outfit

Answer #16

I love it

Answer #17

I love it, I’d wear it myself.

Answer #18

I like it!

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