Do you think dressing like this is cute/ weird/ slutty/ witchy?

It’s not to get attention or anything like that I just LOVE the goth look! Just tell me what you would think if you saw someone wearing this stuff guys, but with like a rosary or cross necklace. So would you think slutty/ witchy/ a freak/ or kinda cute or you won’t think anything of it? Minus the tie and necklace and makeup though

Answer #1

Witchy and weird but that’s only in my opinion. :) It would be pretty cute on Halloween though.

Answer #2

Well I am sure this dress has its place.

Answer #3

A little weird and slutty

Answer #4

a little cute & all of the above

Answer #5

Personally, I’ve learnt that guys are more attracted to the innocent romantic look. They rather a woman who looks very natural. Something like this is what you would wear to IMPRESS YOUR OWN MAN, in my opinion. I wouldn’t wear something like that out in public.. Perhaps, you should think- “Would I wear this to work? To a job interview?” If no, what makes you think this puts a good image on you in public? You dress decently & more proper, you’re gonna get more respect from people rather than the dirty stare. & people will think you’re a decent person & won’t hesitate to approach you if they need something. I don’t mean this to sound offensive, but some people think that those who dress in black & wear too much makeup are very self-conscious about themselves. You’re just hiding your face behind all that face-cake. You’re not looking sexy at all, than just looking like an attention-whore. Just saying.

Answer #6


Answer #7

In other words, they assume that you’re “Emo.” There’s different ways to wear black.

Answer #8

You have a good point, but I just LOVE to wear things like this. Believe me I’m as a goody girl it gets, but this would probably be more for like a concert then I guess. Thanks for your opinion I’ve been REALLY debating to get this and wear it on regular days! LOL But I’ll keep it simple but still goth :) Thank you

Answer #9

So sweet thanks :)

Answer #10


Answer #11

Ohhh yeahh! I would wear this to a metal concert too! But I wouldn’t have all that “Sexy bedroom eyes” on.. Just a little bitta mascara & nude lips. I’d prefer this top to be a little more covered though lol. I’d just much rather wear this behind closed doors lol. & you’re veery welcome! This is more for like a costume party or dress up party. Even those Anime events :)

Answer #12

lol :)

Answer #13

In the end, it doesnt really matter what others think of the way you dress. If you have confidence and are comfortable with yourself, then wear what you want. I get tons of looks for being a mom whos covered in tattoos, heavy makeup, punk/rockabilly type clothing…does it bother me in the least bit? Not at all. If thats the style of clothing that you like, then wear it.

Answer #14

Agree fully.

Answer #15

Two thumbs up for you! I wish I could be like that, but sadly I care more of what people think of me and don’t want somebody think I’m mean or unsocial when I’m actaully friendly!! LOL Thank you for your opinion though :)

Answer #16

i vote the second and third one but its still looks cool

Answer #17

I agree with you to a point, but there is a time and place, I know you are not a conformist and that is good, but in this world it is all about what people think about you. I deal with people daily that I could care less about, but I have to present a side of me that they will buy. On my own time I might have wild parties, play my music way to loud, drive to fast, what ever it may be, but I still want to make a nice life for me and my family. I think you can be yourself, but you also have to be aware there is a time and place and if all you want is the punk rocker, that is fine, but be aware that your appearance can limit your social progress.

Answer #18

Good point. I’ll keep it to concerts lol… thanks

Answer #19

It doesn’t matter what people think. I think it is beautiful. And if you can master the makeup that would be cool too.

Answer #20

Thank you! That’s what I think! Thanks for your opinion it was sweet :)

Answer #21

There is a girl on youtube that teaches makeup like that. MissChivous or something like that. Look it up she is awesome.

Answer #22

Thanks, but I HATE makeup Lol Maybe because I cant put it on good! Thank you though

Answer #23


Answer #24

another good one is fafinettex3 and panacea81

Answer #25

The dress doesn’t make you.You make the dress

Answer #26

I think it’s pretty hot when the right woman pulls it off. But the goth seductive look is so tired these days that everyone is slobbing around with the look so it makes it tacky.

Answer #27

I think it’s pretty hot too LOL

Answer #28

I think that that look is sooo kewl!

Answer #29

Ah thanks I think so too, but you alot of people look down on it as slutty or my favorite witchy. It sucks but whatever. Thanks for the opinion :)

Answer #30

Yes i totally agree with you!!!

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