Bloody Mary

Is it true that if you say her name 5 times at night in front of the mirror,her face will appear?

Answer #1

what’s the point? do you really want to run the risk of a-getting mortally scarred or b-looking like a complete idiot and knowing you believe whatever people tell you? Just forget it.

Answer #2

I think theres something else that says that if you turn the lights off, lock the door, go in alone, light some candles around the mirror, and say it three times, then she will come out and tear your face off.

Answer #3

no its not real my frendz did it and nothin happend.. and I heard that you have to b alone. lock your door in the bathroom put a red ribom around the toilet flush it say her name 10 times and she will appear! stupid!

Answer #4

Marry Worth was in a car accident, then burned for being a “witch” Some say if you call her name three times in the bathroom, she will come and dig your eyes out. I wouldn’t do it. I think she should be left in peace.

Answer #5

no man, although I did it and I saw a hallucination of a girl in her teens coming up behind me. which made me scared of ghosts for 2 years of my life.

Answer #6

for it to work you have to say her real name. not bloody marry. her real name is marry worth

there is also a little video on you tube that has a freaky video of her…

Answer #7

No its just a superstition. Bloody Mary is not real. That is just a nickname for a queen mary that got it by executing a lot of people thus “Bloody Mary”.

Answer #8

I’ve tried it and from my knowledge of demons and ghosts. I highly doubt it will work. I mean unless your some type of ghost/demon attraction it wont really work. I think personally though that its a myth.

Answer #9

there’s many variations of it. I heard you have to turn all the lights out, lock the bathroom door, look dead in the mirror & say blood/bloody marry 3-10 times depending who told the story.

Answer #10

no, some people or kids made that up long ago to scare the crap out of silly people who have nothing better to do but try it out of curiosity

Answer #11

Mary Worth was queen Elizabeth’s sister, there father was Henry the eighth(the one who beheaded his wives.) ANYWAYS, her nickname is bloody mary because of all the people she executed. It MIGHT work…depends on how much you believe and how hard you focus, I guess. I’ve never tried it. They say you will see a green triangle expand in size, and shell come up behind u, if you dont turn the lights on quick enough, she will take you back into the mirror or kill you right there. You have to be alone…but like I said, I’ve never tried it…try it.

Answer #12

There’s only one way to find out!..Try It!

Answer #13

I’ve never done it. But hey, if you do, let me know 1_~

Answer #14

shes friggin real!! I’ve seen her

Answer #15

look up the history of her she was a real person actualy she was queen elizabeth sister or something! I think she got that nickname beacause she killed a lot of people bt look it up on google or something

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