Marying in the future by binding contract

Is possible to marry my girlfriend nex year would like to have a binding contract but before I leave or she leaves were planning to have it notarized is it possible

Answer #1

Why do you want to draw a contract between you two? If you guys do not trust each other enough now, before you get married and need a piece of paper to keep a commitment, you might as well not get married at all.

Not even a marriage certificate would keep you guys from leaving each other in future, it Is not a guarantee. In the end it is only a piece of paper stating how assets must be divided if you should end the marriage. So it is up to each partner to keep each other happy, love each other and be trust worthy!

Answer #2

Getting married either in a church or by a Justice of the Peace is legal and binding. But a notarized statement of intent probably has no standing for the intent of marrying. Not an expert, so you might want to consult a lawyer.

If you are not ready to marry now that is fine, but it sounds to me that one or both of you two are not ready to commit, or possibly do not trust the other. If this is the case, do you think that you two might not quite be ready to join together even to this degree? Just saying. Of course it’s your life and your call. However it goes, I do wish the two of you the best. Good Luck!!

Answer #3

thanks for the answer but is it possible that we make this binding contract

again thanks

Answer #4

contract weddings are illegal. they have been illegal since mid-1700s.

Answer #5

No I don’t believe its possible

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