Do blood tests hurt?

Answer #1

When they put in the needle it really is just like a little pinch, no big deal :). Look away though, if you are squeamish about needles and blood.

Answer #2

it hurts a little bit, but you stand it.

Answer #3

no not at all:) i just had blood drawn a minute ago from me

Answer #4

N, it’s just a little prick.

Answer #5

I have to get blood tests regularly and I am petrified of needles. I’m always ready to throw up when I go in to the room, I always shut me eye when they go to take the blood so I don’t see it, and after I always feel silly cause it only hurts for a few seconds and really isn’t that bad.

Answer #6

I’d have to say that it depends on your pain tolerance. For a lot of people getting blood taken doesn’t really hurt that bad and it’s not a big deal at all, but for myself personally, it hurts like heck the whole time they are doing it. I avoid going at all costs because of how much it hurts me. It’s kind of ridiculous, because I’m not really scared of needles themselves. =/

Answer #7

Nope. It depends how well you cope with pain though too. Some propel are more sensitive than others. It’s only a small prick when the needles going in like poking your hand with a pin the the pain subsides. I have to take one about every month and I also found that it the doctor injecting the needle affects the pain. Some don’t find the right spot to take blood to so they experiment in your skin. That hurts more. Others know exactly where and they get it done in no less than a minute. :)

Answer #8

It depends upon who is giving the test. I have had many blood tests over the years and, if a nurse is taking the blood it can hurt like hell! Once, when a Doctor did the test I didn’t feel a thing.

Answer #9

Not really, it feels just a shot with a niddle. It really doesn’t take long either.

Answer #10

its in your wrist which can be slightly different, buttt yaa it doesnt hurt that badly when it happens… just a slight pinch at beginning like any other needle just dont look and keep your mind open on other things.. it helps

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