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How do I bless my apartment from spirits?

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This may sound really scary but I need to know how to bless my apartment because a few days ago my Gf''s friend and her son spent the night and that night her son never acted this way, but he was really hyper all night and he was crying for no reason then around midnight or so he went into the kitchen and held up his moms phone to the ceiling like he was giving it to someone and at that moment is when my gf woke up and heard light knocking on the bedroom door. She woke up and looked around to see what was going on and about an hour later her friend and son come into the bedroom and sleep on the extra bed we have. I have a futon in the living room and a hideaway in the bedroom. Later on the next morning my gf noticed some like insect bites on her friend it was all over her I have the same thing I used to have bed bugs but I exterminated them like 2 months prior to this. Any way back to the situation. around 2pm that afternoon they were watching her son and noticed 4 claw marks or scratches on his back going from his hip to his spine. With that being said this paranormal activity doesnt happen until her friend comes over so Im thinking that the spirit likes her friend, but got jealous when it found out that she had a son. Im sure these things happen?? Also my gf told me that when shes at her moms house she sleeps perfectly fine but when shes with me she has to take sleeping pills and even at that she will go to sleep around 11 or 12 and wake up 2 hours later just sitting straight up like in a daze. Soooooo Im kinda getting freaked out a little bit..... a week before she came over I got bored and was playing with my camera and turned it to negative and I pointed it at the ceiling and saw this black spot on there.... 2 weeks before that my gf and I went fishing in the park and it was dark and we were taking pics having fun and I told her to take a pic of the fountain and we saw a white orb in the pic we took another on in the same spot the orb was gone.... My moms bf says that everytime he comes near my apartment he feels all of the negative energy that surrounds me in my apartment.... Im not a negative guy when Im out in the world or at work neither when Im in my apartment, but these events over the past 2 months are starting to get me worried... So to whoever reads this please tell me what you think and if you know how to bless evil spirits away please tell me how... my moms bf told me that I have to start at one end and put red pepper flake and salt on the floor of the door and hold up a bible and say"in the name of jesus christ you are not welcomed in this apartment" in a loud stern voice. I have chills just telling my story about this... I hope to whoever reads this isnt freaked out by now.... All help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.