Jezebel spirit, do you know what it is?

Has anybody here ever heard or know of the jezebel spirit?…

If so do you have any experiences you would like to share?

Answer #1

I have never heard of it. However, if it pertains to witchcraft… well I’m Pagan so there you go. lol. It’s terribly funny that the definition I looked up says that feminism is evil!

Answer #2

The Jezebel Spirit is the spirit of Jezebel, a character in the bible. The bible isn’t really my department but, I read that it’s supposedly born of witchcraft, rebellion and other “evils” like feminism. LOL

Answer #3

I’ve never heard of it, but it sounds like a ‘sleep-around’ attitude or something like that, which is cool.

Answer #4

what is jezebel spirit?

Answer #5

Jezebel spirit is very controlling, manipulative to get it’s way, jealous, envious and possessive, lustful, prideful and rebellious.

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