Can i dye my hair black with blue tint?

Is there any way I can tint my black hair with blue without having to bleach it? I don't want blue hair I just want it to show in light.

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Try L'oreal's Preference color: 2.1 Onyx Sheen. It shows a real nice shine of blue in the light. :] Looks clean black otherwise. It's what I used.

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yes u can. buy a hair colour dye by "LIVE" i did mine some time ago it only shown a really deep blue in the sunlight . it looked good,only thing though im quite fair skinned n the black hair made me look like a vampire. lol

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Yes, you can put a dark blue on it and the black will pick up a blue hue. It may be subtle, but you'll see it. It will make your black super super super black. As black as it gets. Which I think looks cool. Go for it! :)

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